Small Business Focus

It seems that most major marketing or branding agencies today do not care much about the smaller companies.

It happened a few years ago, when our principal strategist was trying to look for a branding agency to help his former company. Despite countless email requests, most agencies did not respond. One agency even replied that the company is not big enough to afford their services. Well, to cut the long story short, our principal strategist went on to build this “small” company into an established brand in the industry in less than 3 years’ time all by himself.

Thanks to the indifference by the big agencies towards the small businesses, the founders of Jack & Chaz are able to develop their unique strategies that can help small companies become large brands in less than 3 years.

The small business focus always work for small businesses as well as large established brands. This is because it drives the marketing and branding direction back to the effective strategies that once makes the large brands famous.

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Most people may not realize that the big brands today, were small companies before. That is why we only focus on the strategies that make these small companies to become big brands.

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