Social Media Response Team Services

What is Social Media Response Services?

It simply means a team of people which will help your brand to respond to customers’ enquiries on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and feedback at the fastest lead time possible.

Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Response Team

  • You have too many social media enquiries on a daily, hourly or even per-minute basis!
  • If it is about a complaint, the longer it stays on social media, the more it will affect your reputation badly.
  • As social media marketing is getting more competitive, prompt response to customers and prospect, will put you in a better position to your competitors.
  • Your staff can only respond during the office hours. The services from Jack and Chaz can respond to your customers’ enquiries beyond that.
  • Your lead rate will guaranteed increase when your social media response rate increase.

What Your Brand Will Enjoy from Jack And Chaz Pte Ltd

  • Faster response rate on social media.
  • Better lead rate and closing rate as faster response rate will create a better image for your brand
  • Dedicated marketing team with good writing and conversant skills will be representing your brand on social media.

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